Don’t Wait For Someone To Give You Permission

Mediocre Won’t Work – A Lesson From A Spotify Gimmick

Artist Actors, Mediocre Actors & Personal Truth

There Are No Perfect Choices

Find Out What Needs To Be Improved

The Importance Of Having An Essential Action For The Scene

Define An Aesthetic

Acting Is Our Creativity

How Often Do You Say; THAT’S Why I Became An Actor

They May Hate Something You Did But Not Everything

Begin Each Day Afresh

Know What You’re Doing – The Importance Of Technique

Challenge Vs Skill

 Don’t Use Judgement Calls As An Excuse For Inaction

Never Let Frightened People Add To Your Burden


A Few Wise Words From Orson Welles

What Ignites Your Passion?

A Compelling And Understated Femme Fatale

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