Own Your Creativity

In Life, Facing The Truth Is A Choice

Generosity Drives Our Finest Work

Collaborate With Actor-Artists To Make Your Work Stronger

The Trouble With A Little Bit Of Knowledge

The Actor’s Life Is A Ride To Be Enjoyed

A Strange And Provocative Manifesto On Creativity

Commit To The Work You Love

The Occasional Performance Of Elegance And Beauty

Don’t Allow Difficult Colleagues To Distract You From Your Goals

The Audience’s Sweet Delight

Slay Those Dragons

Sabotaging A Project With Sloppiness, Laziness Or Fear

A Tragic Passing

The Serious Actor

Bring A Unique Vision To The World

Remain Open To The Art You Feel Within Yourself

Don’t Be A Coward, Be An Artist

The Quest For Validation Is Just An Excuse

What You Today Will Bring Results Tomorrow

Get Rid Of The Excuses – Be An Artist

Create Your Own Great Actor Mythology

The Actor We Don’t Want To Become

Do Something Really Special

It’s Not Failure, It’s An Opportunity

The Desire To Be Great

It’s Our Art That Makes Us Stronger

Another 35 Words To Describe Great Acting

Create A Culture Of Care

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